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Harvesting of JBMC

Harvesting of Jamica Blue Mountain Coffee

Coffee cultivation in Jamaica generally takes place at altitudes of less than 5,000 feet and in some cases as low as a few hundred feet above sea level. This can make the various labels of Jamaican Coffee very different from one another in their qualities. Jamaica Blue Mountain Gourmet Coffee is grown on a limited number of Estates, in the Blue Mountain range of Jamaica, usually between 2000-5000 feet above sea level. Only certified Jamaican Blue Mountain Estates within a prescribed region can call their quality coffee Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.
This unique quality coffee is grown on steep mountain slopes, which make it extremely difficult to grow and to harvest. Production of our Blue Mountain coffee begins on a nursery where the seedlings are grown for six months in controlled conditions, then planted and carefully nurtured for 4 years until they become coffee-bearing trees. These are the same seedlings used to produce the world-famous Blue Mountain coffee but growing, in this case, in slightly different soil and climatic conditions in a different mountain range ensures that each estate coffee has its own distinctive, full-bodied flavor. The finest quality coffee berries are harvested by hand, with each cherry berry picked individually only when perfectly ripe. After harvesting, the berries are then processed into green coffee beans at "Pulparies", licensed and registered by the Government-owned Jamaica Coffee Industry Board.



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