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The Legend of JBMC

The Legend of Jamica Blue Mountain Coffee


Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Plant

Through the eastern end of the tiny Caribbean island of Jamaica, (land of wood and water), runs the majestic range of mountains known as the Blue Mountains. Legend states that a single planting was brought over from the French King’s own palace garden in the 1600’s, where the harvest flourished in the lush tropical climate of one of the world’s most beautiful countries. For hundreds of years the people of Jamaica have cultivated this hidden treasure, spreading Blue Mountain coffee throughout the region. Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is considered the mother of all Arabica coffees in the western hemisphere. With Blue Mountain coffee cultivation taking place from 2000-5000 feet on the island, the various labels have a distinct regional flavor. Above 5,000 feet the lush tropical land is protected by the Government as a forest reserve. Optimal climactic conditions on the tiny island have gently nurtured the growth and cultivation of the world’s most distinguished and delicious coffee.
Jamaican coffee is a story of extremes: The lowland coffees of Jamaica are so ordinary that they are seldom sold in the United States except as fillers for cheap blends. On the other hand, the highland coffees traditionally rank among the world's most distinguished, and Jamaican Blue Mountain, which defines that name, is the world's most celebrated, most expensive, and most controversial coffee.


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