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History of JBMC

History of Jamica Blue Mountain Coffee

Jamaican oral Tradition relates that all of the coffee grown in Jamaica originated from a single planting of coffee trees that were stolen from the French King's own palace garden. The trees which survived the voyage to Jamaica thrived in the lush tropical climate of the little island. Tradition continues that these trees were used to spread coffee production throughout the island and eventually spread to other Caribbean islands and even into Central and South America. Thus, making Jamaica the “Mother of all Arabica coffees” in the Western hemisphere. Whether the oral history of Jamaica is true or not, it does make for a good story. It is generally true that through out the island of Jamaica all of the coffee is related to one another very closely. True Jamaican Coffee's are all Arabica Coffee.
Jamaican coffee has been internationally famous from as far back as the 18th century and gained particular prominence in the 19th century after the abolition of slavery as many former slaves turned to the cultivation of crops on their own land. Most of those farmers chose the mountains located in St. Thomas, St. Andrew, and Portland Parishes on the east end of this beautiful island for planting of the now famous Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.
The international pride of coffee has ever since been the exotic and distinctive Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. The aroma mingled with the excellent cup of quality of that pure Blue Mountain drink has been sought after by Kings, Princes, and Presidents as well as all those who appreciate the undoubted difference when compared to coffee of lesser worth.


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