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The Blue Mountain Controversy

The Blue Mountain Controversy

Some years ago it was not entirely clear whether any high-quality coffee from the Blue Mountain district of Jamaica was entitled to be marketed as Jamaican Blue Mountain, or whether the name properly applies only to coffees grown on certain plantations. Today, responsible roasters designate estate-produced coffees grown at over 3,000 feet in the Blue Mountain district of Jamaica as authentic Blue Mountain. If you want to know where a store's Blue Mountain comes from, you can always ask. Jamaican High Mountain usually describes a somewhat lesser coffee than Jamaica Blue Mountain, grown at lower altitudes in other parts of the island.
The Jamaican situation has been complicated by the many people who, in one way or another, are attempting to profit from the extraordinary prices demanded for Blue Mountain. In particular, other plantation owners in the high mountains of Jamaica are trying to produce a coffee that will ride on the coattails of the original into the pocketbooks and onto the palates of the Americans and Japanese. These entrepreneurs appear honest and well meaning; less admirable, however, are the American roasters who market a "Blue Mountain Style" coffee that has the taste characteristics of Blue Mountain, but may not contain a single bean of actual Blue Mountain. Only fifteen percent of the coffee grown in Jamaica is authentic Blue Mountain Coffee, and the coffee from the higher elevation estates is considered to be the "cream of the crop" of Blue Mountain Coffee. This coffee is imported from Jamaica in wooden barrels and certified to be 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.
JaCoffa™ - Blue Mountain Coffee is certified by the Jamaican Coffee Industry Board as 100% Certified Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. We pride ourselves on delivering the best for our clients. If you are to pay a premium for the finest coffee in the world, make sure your coffee is 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. Ask your retailer for more information.



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