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Brewing Tips


How To Get The Most Out Of Your Coffee

  1. What is "gourmet" coffee?
    True gourmet coffee begins in the very early stages of development: by choosing the highest quality Arabica coffee beans, then carefully handpicking them. Once they are picked, the beans are closely monitored during the roasting process to ensure the full flavor of the coffee comes through. The coffee is then immediately vacuum packed so that it stays fresh!
  2. How long does coffee stay fresh?
    Coffee is in its prime right after it has been roasted therefore we suggest that you drink your coffee within one month. Even if it is kept in an airtight container it can lose some freshness and become stale after time. Jacoffa coffee is roasted, ground, and then vacuum sealed to protect the flavor and quality of the coffee.
  3. What is the best way to grind coffee beans?
    Start by using a grinder with a good blade. It may take a bit of trial and error to perfect the right grinder settings that will produce the strength of coffee that you enjoy. But it is well worth it! Remember, coffee beans that are ground too coarsely will taste weak and when ground too finely can taste bitter.
  4. Should I use bottled or tap water for brewing?
    Coffee is 98% water, so using high quality water is essential. It is best to use bottled or purified water but if your tap water is low in chlorination content and palatable, good old-fashioned tap water is just fine.
  5. What is the best brewing method?
    Use a brewing method (such as manual drip, plunge pot, vacuum pot, or high-quality electric drip) which will produce temperatures of 195 - 205 degrees. Never boil or reheat coffee. Serve the beverage as soon as possible, as it will retain optimum flavor and aroma for approximately 30 minutes after brewing. Be sure that your coffee maker is clean and free of residue. Give your quality coffee the treatment it deserves.
  6. What’s the bottom line for preparing the perfect cup?
    The basic rule for making a perfect cup of coffee is to start with fresh cold water and "the richest coffee in the world." The consensus of brewing experts is that six ounces of boiling water mixed with two level tablespoons of coffee will produce a splendid cup.

Other Tips For The Perfect Cup

  • Make sure the equipment used is clean.
  • The freshness of brewed coffee normally expires after 20 minutes when the liquid has been heated in a pot on a warmer. Freshness can be preserved for up to two hours in a vacuum air pot or thermos bottle.
  • The plunger-pot makes the richest brew. For best results for filter/drip, use a cone-shaped filter and a reusable mesh insert.
  • Roasted coffee beans start to lose some of their flavor within two weeks. Ground coffee begins to lose its flavor in a much shorter time. Freezing is not necessary to maintain the flavor. Keep beans and ground coffee in an air-tight container. Make sure not to buy large quantities of coffee at a time (no more than a month's worth.)
  • Store the airtight container in a slightly cool, dark place at a temperature between 50º and 70ºF.


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