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JBMC Export Data

JBMC Export Data

The market information below are provided by South Carolina Export Consortium. Study conducted in 2004. Free free to contact us with any questions or comments.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Expert Data

Export GraphAs illustrated in Chart, Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is still a relatively rare product in the United States. Only 10% of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee was exported to North America in 2003. By comparison, 85% of all Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee was exported to Japan.
According to the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica (CIBOJ), the global export market for Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee was $574 million in 2003. Of this amount, the US accounted for $28.7 million of Jamaican coffee exports.
World market prices for Blue Mountain Coffee can reach $40-$50 per pound. In comparison, typical gourmet, rare origin, and estate coffees generally retail at prices nearing $10 per pound. The most renowned Jamaican Blue Mountain estates are Mavis Bank, Wallenford, and Old Tavern.


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